Tub Chair/ Tub Chair Grande


The model Tub is a piece of true, English classis Furniture. The strength of this model lies in its compact measures, combined with a high comfort. This makes that this model is very well suited for a place in smaller sittingrooms or if you wish to have additional seating possibilities. If also choose the Tub Grande the measurements are adapted when look at seat-depth, width and all other measurements.


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Article number
BS 609/ BS 609A
Vintage Special Colour

Tub :
BS 609    Chair        w  76 cm          seatheight: 44 cm
OE 609    Chair        w  76 cm          seatdepth : 48 cm
BS 611     2-zits      w 132 cm
OE 611     2-zits      w 132 cm
BS 611B   2,5-zits    w 160 cm
BS 612B   3-zits       w 190 cm

Tub Grande:
BS 609A   Chair       w  81 cm         seatheight: 48 cm
OE 609A   Chair       w  81 cm         seatdepth : 48 cm
BS 611A   2-zits      w 135 cm
OE 611A   2-zits      w 135 cm
BS 611C   2,5-zits   w 160 cm
BS 612A   3-zits      w 190 cm


81 cm
73 cm
79 cm
Seat depth
48 cm
Seat height
48 cm